Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun Friday

The Friday before Presidents Day, Gus had off of school.  I had off of work so it seemed only fitting that I do something fun with the boys.  After getting John on the bus, I loaded Gus and Anders in the car and we headed out to the Children's Museum in Naperville.

 The boys could have stayed at the water and bubble stations all day.
 As soon as we stepped foot in the museum Gus ran for the bubble center.
 These bubbles were pretty cool.  I'm pretty sure they use glycerin in the bubble solution.  I'll have to try that out this summer.
 Anders was constantly moving and it was really hard to get a picture of him.  Between moving from thing to thing and attempting to push kids out of his way, this was the only picture I got of him.  You can definitely tell that Anders is the youngest.  He feels the need to push anyone and everyone out of the way. Well, I guess I shouldn't say anyone and everyone.  He only tried to push the boys, he was nice to girls. I think I'm in trouble.
 Gus was trying to build a track for the golf balls.  After about 15 minutes he said he couldn't do it by himself anymore.  I told him I would help, but he said he really just needed John. I guess I'm chopped liver. 
It was a fun, quick trip to the museum.  The boys already have plans to go back when John is off of school.

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