Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Gigantic Tree

We decided to cut down a tree again this year.  I guess it is now a tradition.  Although after this year it will probably be a tradition carried out by the boys and me.  We will leave Hans the Obnoxiously Giant Tree Hunter at home.

This year we went to Tammen Treeberry Farm.  This place was great for a couple reasons, but mainly because it was so efficient.  I love efficient places.  When you drove in, you were given a map and a saw.  Then you could just drive your car around the the land, cut down your selected tree and drive away. $50 got you any size tree you wanted, so Hans took full advantage of that.  We drove around to find a tree, seeing a good number of "normal" looking trees, when Hans spotted this one...
It's really hard to tell from this picture, but this tree is about 10 feet tall and 6 feet around.  I said "NO. Absolutely not!  It will not fit in our house."  After a few minutes of arguing about this, he gave up and started looking for another tree.  Thinking I had won the battle, I was feeling confident that we would be taking home a normal-sized tree.  Then Hans found this one...
and started cutting it down before I could even walk over to see it.  For the first time in our marriage he put his foot down.  OVER  A TREE!!  This tree is a mere 6 1/2 feet tall, but is also about 7 feet around.  It is a bush.  It looks ridiculous.

 The boys showed moral support while their dad cut down this beast of a bush.

 Hans even cut himself a bit while doing all of this.  Ask me how sympathetic I was.

 The boys got bored waiting for their dad to finish cutting down the big green thing and started to play in the dirt.

The boys and their tree.

We got the tree safely home (darn it!), and in our living room.  It takes up almost the whole room.  The boys have enjoyed laying under it to look at the "stars" and Fritz has enjoyed chewing on the branches.  Me?  I'm waiting until I can haul that green monster to the curb.

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