Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Weekend with Skippy Jon Jones

John's class has a stuffed animal they pass around from kid to kid.  Last year they had a little bear and this year it was a cat named Skippy Jon Jones.  While I get why the teacher does this, the weekend we have possession of the stuffed toy is never my favorite.  I spend most of my days convincing the kids it isn't a good idea to take toys places like church, restaurants, outside, or even in the car.  Then we are given this class animal and we are suppose to take it with us everywhere.  I am confident that, by Fiene boy #3, we will have lost a class stuffed animal or two.
 So Skippy did all the things we did, like eating Mac and Cheese.  I almost decided to trade him with Gus because at least Skippy eats what is put in front of him.

We made it through the weekend with out any casualties or blemished fur.  Now I can relax until next year when Gus brings home something.

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