Monday, September 24, 2012

New Playset

Remember way back in January when I said I wouldn't put my dad to work the next time he came to visit?  Well, I lied.  But this project wasn't for me or my home.  It was for his grandkids.  And that man would do anything for his grandkids.  I ordered a playset before my parents came to visit in the hope that it would be here in time to have my dad help Hans put it together.  I was a little afraid that if Hans and I put it together ourselves, we wouldn't make it to our 7th anniversary, which was only a week a way.   The playset arrived 3 days before my parents were scheduled to leave and my dad set to work.

 There were many pieces.

 Fritz liked the smell of cedar and was soon banished to the house when he tried to chew on the pieces.

Lots of helpers for a the slide.  How many of them are actually helping my dad?

 These helpers had to stay on the cement pad...for fear they may help too much.

 Kids from the neighborhood were excited to get something new to climb on.  They all gathered around for moral support.

 Looking from the inside.  The anticipation was killing them.

 Reading the horrible directions.  This would have been a sore point between Hans and me.

On the second day of building, a big storm hit.  My dad had just finished the roof of the playhouse and set it underneath our deck.  The playset hadn't been anchored yet since that is one of the last steps and was blown over by the wind.  The roof (that was just built, mind you) was picked up and crashed into the deck posts.  Causing it to break in half.  My dad could do nothing but watch.  I would have been losing my mind, but my dad was calm and collected.

 After the storm, we were able to pick up all the pieces and put everything back together.

 Promising not to snack on the cedar, Fritz was able to lay in the shade near all the action.

 Almost finished.  The kids are anxious.

Anders snuck out there when no one was looking and went down the slide.  Such a stinker.

 Okay, kids. Go play!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all of your hard work!

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Marcia said...

That was his last big job with his old shoulder. We'll have to see what the new one can do!