Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Reading

We came home from vacation just in time for the summer reading closing program.  The theme this year was Reading is so Delicious!  The closing program consisted of an edible books contest, (where the contestant makes a cake and decorates it to resemble a character or theme of his or her favorite book), a pudding eating contest, and a blind pizza taste test.

 These cones had been placed in two rows to make an isle for people to wait in line to try pizza.  Then my kids got there and decided they were better play toys than line forms.

 The pizza.

 During summer reading the kids earned book bucks by attending events and reading books.  At the end of the program they could spend their book buck in our library market.  The market even had some great books the kids could buy.  Gus is holding a Toy Story book.  He laid claim to that pretty quick.

Ms. Sarah, the adult services librarian, read the restless natives a book while we got the pudding eating contest set up.

 4 scoops of pudding per plate.  The first one to lick the plate clean won.

 Listening to the hands.

 This age group was Pre-K through 3rd grade.

 This kid had fun.

The winner!

 This was the highschool group.

 The winner.

 Yep, even adults participated.  See that blonde head in the white and orange shirt?  That is Hans.

 When I asked Hans if he wanted to do the contest he said, "Oh, I will destroy my opponents."

And destroy he did.  I'm so proud. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

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