Friday, January 6, 2012

Put Your Dad To Work Day

So, what do you do when your parents come to visit?  I generally put mine to work.  I never plan on doing a small, big or medium sized project, but it always seems to happen.  The conversation generally starts with me telling them what I want to do in the house, someday.  Then my dad or mom say that it sounds like a good idea and wouldn't be too difficult.  Then we take a trip to Home Depot, my all time favorite store, and someday turns into today.

This time I bought a pot rack that I wanted to hang above my island.  The problem was that the light wasn't centered and I couldn't find studs in order to hang the pot rack.  First of all, who builds a house, puts a light somewhat over the island and then doesn't center it?  Not even a little.

Here is the light that was above my island.  I guess since it was so large at a glance you wouldn't notice that it wasn't centered.  I actually like this light but couldn't use it with the pot rack so now it is hanging over my kitchen table.

Yep, we cut a hole.  Not a little hole.  Not one that could be covered with a little spackling, but a big hole.  I'm sure glad my dad knew what he was doing.  The big hole allowed us to center the light and put in another 2x4 in order to support the pot rack.

After my dad and I were finished making holes in the ceiling, my mom came in and used joint compound and sandpaper until her heart was content.  Actually, I'm pretty sure her heart would have been content NOT to use joint compound and sandpaper, but she loves me, so she did it.

 Now I have an awesome pot rack and a light that is centered with the island.

Even up close you can't tell where we cut the hole.  Looks like good work to me.

After this project was complete, my dad and I installed a light switch to control the overhead lights in the basement bedroom.  See?  I told you I put him to work.  Someday my parents will come to visit and I'll let them relax the whole time.  But I'll sure miss those trips to Home Depot.

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Marcia said...

I guess what goes around, comes around. We used to put my Dad to work too. Grandpa can do pretty much anything!