Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slammers Game

The library staff decided to get together outside of work for a Slammers game.  The Slammers are the minor league team from Joliet.  John had been chomping at the bit to see a game since experiencing the Padres game, so we decided to take our brood and join my coworkers.  I didn't actually watch any of the game, but I had a great time.  The stadium is close-ish to our house.  Parking is free and close.  The stadium is small and clean.  Food prices are fantastic for a ballgame.  And they have a playground and free jumpies for the kids.  We might become regulars next season.

 My coworkers love Hans.  Or they think he is crazy.  Maybe a little of both.

 We reserved the patio.  So we had a nice balcony area with tables and chairs.

 Anders found some girls to talk to.  Boy, was he telling them a story.

 Gus went with Hans to buy me a pretzel.  I only got one bite.

 Brotherly love.

 Popcorn is not something the Fiene boys share very well.

 The weekend games are followed by fireworks.  This is John's new friend David.

I love the people I work with.  Such a wonderful group of men and women (mostly women) with wonderful families.

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