Thursday, September 13, 2012


I love shoes.  I have always loved shoes.  I remember wanting a lot of shoes when I was a kid and my mom telling me that, when my feet stopped growing, I could buy lots of shoes.  I took that to heart.  I guess I passed my love of shoes off on my children.  Particularly Anders.  He loves to find the shoe department in the store and tries on as many shoes as he can.  Between my mom and Debbie and Pam, my boys have accumulated more than their fair share of shoes.

There are 53 pairs of shoes here.  The sad thing is that, when I took this photo, each boy was already wearing a pair of shoes so add 3 more pairs to that number.  At roughly 18 pairs of shoes per boy these boys own more shoes than most adults.

 But I guess I can see where they get their obsession.

So as not to spoil the boys too much, my mom, Debbie and Pam decided to get me some new shoes as well.  Aren't they fantastic?

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Heather said...

Wow...that is A LOT of shoes!!! Lol! I am not a shoe person, I am a purse and bag person. I love bags and I'm always looking for the next cute bag to buy!