Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The first Sunday my parents were here for a visit, Hans was actually still on vacation.  We decided to go to St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Brookfield and then the zoo afterwards. 

 The kangaroos were catching a nap.

There are a few big playgrounds there.  I'm wondering how many animals kids actually see in each visit to the zoo.

I originally wrote here that the boys were looking at their favorite animal.  Then John read it over my shoulder and informed me that they all had different favorite animals and penguins were "not on that list."  They do like the penguins though.

 I look like I'm not happy about this kiss my little boy is giving me.  Before you think less of me as a mother, I'm probably just bracing myself for a bite as Anders has been known to switch the two.

 After seeing about two animals we came upon the splash pad.  John was the only one brave enough to get all in.

 John is a little weird.  But we love him anyway.

 Anders decided to watch his weird brother from the comfort of the wagon.

 Grandma and Grandpa decided it was time to get ice cream.  Because that is what grandparents do.

 My little bird.

 Of course, if there is a carousel, it must be ridden. 

 I think they all loved it.  I loved that I happened to capture my big goofball being a big goofball.

Gus even rode an animal that moved this time.  That was a big step for this kid.

The zoo is always fun.  The boys are excited to go each and every time.  Although, when they go with just mom and dad, they are stuck just looking at animals...the nerve.

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