Monday, April 2, 2012

Family Photos

My mother in-law started a wonderful tradition of buying all of the kids 1year photo shoots.  Since I'm thrifty I usually decide to make it a family affair.  Yes, I know it is April and Anders turned 1 in October, but life has just gotten in the way.  And, in my defense these pictures were taken WAY BACK in February.

Since I no longer live close to Jan I had to find someone else to take our pictures.  Low and behold Hans was friends with someone on Facebook who was a photographer here in Illinois.  Leann was very sweet and came to our house to take pictures.  She did an excellent job and I'm excited that soon the family photos in our house will actually include our youngest.

If you are friends with me on Facebook you've already seen a couple of pictures from this shoot.  Here is the link to the whole shoot.  Leann did a great job capturing the essence of the boys.

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