Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Fun Filled Week

My cousins, Jimmy and Ericka, wanted to spend their spring break at our house.  They came to visit last year and decided it was worth another trip.  I have to say that I am completely honored that my teenage cousins want to spend time with me and my family.  For almost a week our house with filled with family and lots and lots of fun.

Aunt Diane brought stuff for an Easter Egg Hunt again.  The boys are always game for an egg hunt.

 Gus is a bit of a diva and felt he needed a coat before he could focus his attention on finding his eggs.

Anders had a lot of help.

 The boys had a great time entertaining their great grandparents.

 And, they are always trying to sucker people into playing games with them.

 John had his first soccer practice while they were here.  John remembers going to Jimmy's soccer game a summer or two ago and was excited that Jimmy and Ericka would be there to see him practice.  Aunt Diane found these cool soccer suckers to celebrate the occasion.

Anders managed to make a huge mess with his sucker.

Yet again I find myself severely lacking in pictures.  But, we all had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing them all again.

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