Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poor Fritz

Poor, poor fatty Fritz.  We took our pup to the vet last week because I was afraid he had psychological issues when it came to itching.  Months ago, he was itching nonstop, and we found out that he had fleas.  So we took care of that problem.  But the itching never stopped.  Turns out he has allergies.  How in the world did we get a high maintenance dog?  I'm not sure I signed up for this.  But, with some prednisone, the itching has ceased and we can all sleep.  Really.  I wasn't sleeping because this dog's itching kept me up all night.  Now I can actually get a few hours of sleep in a row!

So we took the dog in for his itching.  But we had also noticed that, at 10 months old, he was getting up and walking around like an old dog sometimes.  My parents had a dog with hip dysplasia and I was concerned that was Fritz's problem.  The jury is still out on the dysplasia, but the vet did tell us that our dog needs to lose a little weight.  And by a little he means almost 20 pounds.  He is now on a puppy diet and he absolutely HATES it.  I think he hates his diet more than I hate mine.  I guess we can be miserable together.  The sad thing he is Fritz will probably shed 20 pounds before I do.

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