Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Author, Julia Cook

I wrote a while back about Julia Cook and her book "My Mouth is a Volcano!".  She has a number of great books that teach children all kinds of things in funny stories.  After reading "My Mouth is a Volcano!" to John's class, his teacher decided that Julia Cook should be the author present for reading night at the school.  Cook came to the school and talked in the classrooms during the day and then did a whole presentation for the parents that evening.  She even brought her dogs, Jake and Angus, to meet the students.  I unfortunately missed the Family Reading Night with Julia Cook at John's school since I had a program at the library.  Funny, my duties at the library kept me from enjoying Family Reading Night.  However, John's teacher was kind enough to snap a photo of John, Julia, Jake and Angus.

I'm not sure which dog John is holding, but I'm pretty sure he does not like being held like that.  Unless, of course, that is how he smiles.

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