Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Zoo and A Beach

When my parents told me they were coming for a quick visit in March, I just assumed the weather would be crappy.  We do live in Illinois.  But, to my surprise, it was rather nice.  I figured there was no reason to waste such a pretty day that we all decided to load up in the car and drive to Chicago.

Well, everyone else had that idea as well.  The city was crawling with people.  Our original destination was Navy Pier, but that stop was quickly crossed off of our list when there was no parking to be found.  So, we drove up Lake Shore Drive a bit and hit Lincoln Park Zoo.
 The boys had a good time looking at a few of the animals that were out and about.

 The carousel was a big hit for Gus.

My kids know that whenever they see a carousel, Grandma will take them.  This has them scouring zoos, malls and festivals for anything resembling a carousel.

After the zoo we decided to walk to the beach.
 The boys were so excited to be near the water.

 Anders discovered his love for sand.

John and Gus tried to skip anything and everything.

We had a great day and a wonderful visit.

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