Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend

On Good Friday, John and Gus decided they wanted to get dressed up for church.  They usually wear nice clothes, but the boys wanted to wear suits and their "Mr. Bean" shoes, which is how they lovingly refer to their plan old black dress shoes.  I figured I'd better run with this initiative and gave the boys dress pants and sport coats before they could change their minds.
 They spent a good 30 minutes walking around and talking like Mr. Bean.

 What handsome little gentlemen.

Anders was feeling very left out and wanted to "cheese" for the camera.  He needs to do everything his big brothers do.

On Saturday we dyed eggs...
this is how Anders felt about the whole thing.

I also had to make cupcakes for desert on Sunday and Anders was happy to help.
He was pretty proud of himself and taunted his brothers with the only whisk.  This was a mess I don't want to pick up again anytime in the near future.

On Sunday we had a little egg hunt for the boys in our front yard.  It was a mandatory front yard event because otherwise Fritz would have decided to jump in on the egg hunt.  If these boys get mad when Fritz eats their peanut butter sandwiches, I'm sure they would go ballistic if he ate all of their candy.

 Gus is using his "hand binoculars" to look for the Easter Bunny.

Anders would not touch the eggs.  He only concerned himself with the chocolate.

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Marcia said...

Those boys just keep getting cuter!