Thursday, April 26, 2012

John's First Soccer Game

Last Saturday was John's first soccer game.  He was pretty excited, although it doesn't take much to get John excited.

 He is a great team player and loudly cheers for his team while on the sidelines.

 Getting in the game.

 I'm pretty sure 90% of these kids fell a few times.  It was cute and funny.

 We noted we need to teach John about how he doesn't need to steal the ball from his own teammate.

 I absolutely love the clump of kids that follow the ball.

 John's not shy about getting in there.  He also seems to be pretty fast.

 His turn as goalie.

 John got to throw the ball back in and then for several minutes he didn't leave the sideline.  He didn't know he was actually supposed to get back in the game.

 Halftime pep talk.

 They all look so serious.

 John was too busy making sure we were watching him that he ran right past the ball!

 Good game high fives.

There may not be much action, but I sure love watching these young kids play.

(Editor's Note: Uh, John totally scored a goal!  While the proud mother may not have gotten a picture of this, the proud father thinks it's very important for the world to know this.)

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