Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elephant and Piggie

Not too long ago I wrote about the Elephant and Piggie books .  They are still an absolute favorite in our house.  While there are other children's books that I like, nothing tops good ol' Elephant and Piggie.  Did you know that there are Elephant and Piggie stuffed toys?  Of course there are.  Why not?  Do the Fiene boys have them?  Of course they do!  While they cost much more than I would normally spend on a stuffed animal, I think they are worth every cent.  This could be because they weren't my cents to begin with

Gerald and Piggie go with John and Gus everywhere.  They eat with them, sleep with them.  Gus even tried to get Gerald in the bath with him.  I think I see another Gerald and Piggie purchase in my future, just to have as a back-up.

Along with Elephant and Piggie, Gus and John have started to carry around Horton and a big stuffed pig they call Piggie's Mom.  I asked if Horton was Gerald's dad and Gus gave me a very weird look and quickly exclaimed that it was Horton, NOT Gerald's dad.  Like that would be absurd.  I didn't ask anymore questions after that.  I try to go with the flow and not look too stupid.

So, if your kids love the Elephant and Piggie books, they might just like a stuffed Gerald and Piggie.  I can't promise it will be worth every cent, but if your kids are like mine, they'll get hours of enjoyment.

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