Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let it Snow!

We had our first day of snow here a few days ago.  John was extremely excited.  He could hardly contain himself when he had to wait for the school bus bundled in all of his winter gear, including his snow boots.

Seriously.  Yes, I know my kid is weird.

Then, when he got off of the bus he was begging me to let him play in the snow with his friends.  Well, on that day, his friends were wise and did not want to play out in the blistery cold, windy weather.  So Gus and John played outside alone.  And loved every minute of it.

Two days later there was still snow on the ground so Hans and I decided to bundle up the kids and take them out.  I'm not sure who like it more, the kids, Fritz, or Hans.

 Anders loves wearing his snow boots in the house.  He isn't so in love with them when he actually has to walk in snow.

 Gus was making "snow boots" which are just foot prints in the snow.

 Fritz has to make sure Anders is doing alright.

I think they were both trying to eat the same patch of snow.

Snow Angels were made by the big...

and the small.

 Snow was definitely consumed.  We had many conversations about eating yellow snow.  Gross.

 Happy Anders.  I'm not sure I would be smiling if my tush was sitting in wet, cold snow.

 John was determined to try out his new sled.  It wasn't fun trying to use it on the side of the house that didn't get any snow.

 The snow wasn't right to build a snowman, so Hans made a snow mountain complete with Thomas trains. 

We all had a great time.  Even though it doesn't look like it in this picture.

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