Monday, January 30, 2012

The Tales of John

I haven't been good about taking pictures lately, so I thought I'd bring up the old "Tales of John" series since Johnny boy always seems to give me some good material.

I can't for the life of me get my kid to stop talking.  I'm not talking about lowering the noise level in my house.  I'm talking about getting him to stay quiet in school.  It is a good thing his teacher loves him.  She usually blames his incessant talking on his enthusiasm, but sadly the kid just has a talking problem.  As I've stated before, it isn't a wonder given who his parents are.  His dad is never at a loss for words and I'm not far behind.  (Editor's note: Uh, Katie, my love, you're waaaaaay ahead of me.)

However, if he has to have a talking problem, at least he is using some interesting words.  His teacher has a "Purple Sparkle Board" in her classroom where she writes down the words the kids don't know when reading a story.  Words such as "grin," "furious," "determined," and "courageous" are some of the purple words.  John has a pretty good vocabulary.  He probably would use the words "pretty good" to describe his vocabulary.    The other day he put on a show and asked me if it was appropriate for him to watch.  Not looking at the TV, I told him I didn't know and he would have to wait a minute.  Not wanting to wait, he asked, "Well, what's the questionable content?"   Questionable content!?!  Boy am I in trouble.

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