Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trunk N' Treat

I'm not sure if Trunk N' Treat is a relatively new thing or if it's mostly a northerner thing or if my parents just kept me in the dark about this fun event to keep me from getting more candy.  If you don't know what Trunk N' Treat is, I'll tell you.  Because it is a great idea.  Members of our church park their cars in our parking lot, open their trunks and have games the kids can play for candy.  Hence the name Trunk N' Treat.  There are a few churches around here that do this and John's school also had this for their Halloween party.  The school didn't hand out candy though.  They handed out pencils, stickers, fake spiders and vampire teeth.  I have lots of vampire teeth sitting around if you ever find the need to wear them.

So, Hans was announcing the details of the festivities to the congregation and John decided to interrupt (he does that A LOT) and told everyone he wanted to see 100 cars in our parking lot.  Not sure why.  Maybe because he thought he could get more candy.  We did not have John's goal of 100 cars, but we had quite a few.  However, it was rainy and cold so we decided to take Trunk or Treat indoors for the evening.  We had two members decide to stay outside and I heard their games were so fun that people didn't mind getting a little wet just to play them.

The night was a big success.  We had lots of people walk through our doors.  AND I believe I was the only member that didn't wear a costume.  I don't wear costumes.

I didn't get a picture of everyone in their costumes, but here are a few...
Love, love, love this.  This is a husband and wife and they looked too cute together.  When Diane asked me where my costume was and I informed her I didn't have one, she said "Don't tell him.  Do you know how long it took me to convince him to wear that?"

Another husband and wife.  Their costumes brought back many fond memories of reenacting the Spartan cheers with my high school friends.

 Not only was Batgirl's costume a hit, her game was also popular.  Who knew kids would go crazy over marbles?

 These two are usually up to no good.

 I told Hans that, if all of the members were going to be in costume, it would be wrong if the pastor wasn't in costume.  So here is, as he labeled it, "30 Year Old Scott Howard."  Scott Howard was Michael J. Fox's character in Teen Wolf, for those of you who don't remember that name and aren't huge nerds like Hans.

Of course, the night just couldn't end without Captain America eating an orange cupcake.  I'm shocked Pam wasn't covered in orange frosting.

A great time was had by all.  John is already talking about what game he wants to be in charge of next year.

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