Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This room took a couple of days to complete.  I still have some big plans for this room, such as refacing the cabinets, changing out the floor and getting new counter tops.  I'm sure my husband is having a heart attack just thinking about all the work we've done and all I still want to do.


 There was some mold on the drywall behind the sink so all that had to be cut out and replaced.  This is also the first faucet I replaced...isn't it pretty?  I should have held off on replacing the faucet until we completed the painting and backsplash, but I just couldn't wait.

 Appliances had to be installed and the walls were prepped for a new tile backsplash.

 Kelsey jumped right in and became a pro with the wet saw.  If she hadn't come to visit, the kitchen would still look the same as the day we moved in.

 My fridge screams "There are kids living in this house!"  I probably should have spruced that up a bit.

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