Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Room

This was the first room we painted.  This was the only room I primed because I didn't know how well the Valspar paint covered.  The paint was the consistency of pudding.  It covered so well I decided not to prime anything else.


 We didn't have any fans in the house.  It gets pretty hot and sticky here and I really wanted a fan in this room and all of the bedrooms.  The problem was that there also weren't any overhead fixtures in these rooms.  This is where some nice, handy men from church came over and installed the fan for me.  I'm forever grateful.

Partially primed and ready to go!

 Kelsey and I painted the walls and trim in one day and then built the Ikea furniture the next day.  Yep, the Ikea stuff took almost a whole day to complete.  But, to be fair to ourselves and Ikea, it was several units worth of furniture and it is all bolted together and to wall.  This unit is not going anywhere.

Kelsey also made me some great curtains and pillows to go in this room.  I just haven't been organized enough to put them up yet.

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