Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween Costumes

This year John decided he wanted to be Mr. Bean.  I'm not sure there was a single kid who knew who he was even after he told them, but all the adults thought it was great.  Gus wanted to be Spiderman complete with Spiderman boots.  Don't even try to tell him they aren't Spiderman boots.  Anders didn't care about the festivities at all and was happy to be Captain America which was John's Halloween costume when he was 1.

 Anders actually rode in the wagon for trick or treating and made it a good ways before declaring he had enough.

 After Gus fell asleep, our neighbor drove him home.  I'm not sure when he woke up but he wasn't happy to be coming home.  Our poor neighbor is probably traumatized by all the screaming.  I had the baby gates up to keep Fritz from running out the door and Gus climbed over it to get out the door so he could find his dad and finish trick or treating.

I'm sure John would have stayed out the whole night.  John would say "trick or treat" in his Mr. Bean voice and after they had been to a majority of the houses, John asked Hans if he could just say "trick or treat" in his regular voice because it was hurting his throat.  Poor kid.  He loves to stay in character.

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