Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kuipers Family Farm

The first weekend in October we headed to Kuipers Family Farm with Debbie, Pam and Sophie to enjoy a day at the pumpkin patch.  This place is awesome.  It was a cool morning that turned into a perfect day.  We got there early so there weren't too many people and the kids enjoyed everything there was to offer.

 Sophie is just beautiful.  She is kind, patient and a joy to be around.

There were large boxes filled with corn.  Anders loved this...he tried to eat it.

 Anders loved being on the tractor.

Ducky water races.  I can't remember who won but they all had a good time.

 There was a mountain of tires and then a slide at the top to take you down the other side.  

 The bouncy pillow was a big hit for every kid in the joint but Gus.  He lasted all of a minute.

 John on the other hand couldn't get enough.

 Of course there were animals.  I love this picture...not sure what John was planning to do, but he looks like he is being sneaky.

 A good picture of these three.  They are talking to each other and not paying attention to anyone else.

We just had to try to get Anders in there.

It was a very fun day.  My boys also discovered caramel apples and apple donuts.  They could take or leave the caramel apples but they absolutely loved the apple donuts.

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