Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boats and Life Jackets

What is it with kids and life jackets?  All of my boys have just hated wearing their life jackets for the first time.  Not just an attitude of I'd rather not but a no way, no how attitude.  John had no complaints this time.  I was thankful for his lack of complaints since the other two Fiene boys decided to complain loud enough for our neighbors, their neighbors, passers-by and possibly some people across the lake to hear.

 John loved riding in the paddle boat.  Look at his short legs trying their hardest to reach the peddles.

 On a boat, in a life jacket with dirt on his face.  This is the life.

 Awww, Jimmy.  The boys just love Jimmy and his sister Ericka.  I am blessed to have a family that loves kids and is exceptionally good with them.

This is what John looked like every time we made him get out of the boat.

Anders started crying the second he saw the jacket.  In his defense it didn't look like it was the most comfortable thing.

 Gus was just miserable.

I didn't end up taking Anders out on the boat.  And my thought was that once Gus got out on the water, he would soon forget he was even wearing the life jacket.

He did forget all about the life jacket, but he also threw such a fit that he fell asleep from utter exhaustion.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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