Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Start of Something New

We started some new things in our family this week.  First of all, we had an Open House/Birthday party for John last Saturday so this means that I stayed up late and woke up early for at least a week to get everything painted and cleaned.  I pretty much neglected my children.  It's a good thing they like to play outside.  Since the party was on Saturday I told myself that for the next few weeks, or months, I would cease all painting and big projects in order to spend more time with the kiddos and to properly train our mischievous dog.  All of that is going well.  I love reading books, playing with the kids and cooking meals that make it on the table before 8.  Well, that last part hasn't happened yet, but I'm hopeful.  I'm thinking the rest of the house can wait.

Here's the biggest start of something new...John started Kindergarten!  He has only been going for three days but he loves, loves, loves it.  As excited as he is when he gets home he doesn't want to sit and tell me about it because he has more important things to do, like play outside.  He has told me that he will be learning math this year and that soon he will be good enough to be in Kelsey's class.  Kelsey is my old roommate, maid of honor in my wedding, long time friend (you get the picture) and she teaches High School math.  In Texas.  A number of things will have to happen before she becomes his teacher.  One of these things would include moving.  And I am never moving again.  Ever.  John also talked about his teacher going over the rules and how he doesn't find them as hard to follow as some of his classmates.  Boy, I wish I had that recorded so I could play it back for him when he does find it hard to follow the rules.

Waiting for the bus with the neighbors.  Gus made sure he was dressed because he wanted to go to Kindergarten so bad.  It was a little heartbreaking.

I didn't actually take this picture, but John puts up his hands like that for only two reasons.  
1.  He is embarrassed that his father (or mother) is making a fuss.
2. He is creating a tunnel so the outside world can not distract him from paying attention to the person that is talking to him.

 What does this say about me when my kid RUNS to the school bus?  I wonder how long this will last.

Yep.  He is officially over it and wants his dad to stop taking pictures.  He should be thankful his dad didn't follow the bus to school to make sure he got there okay.  Apparently this actually happens.  That would never have crossed my mind.

 My mom knew Gus would be upset that his best friend abandoned him, so she sent a Slinky Dog to help soften the blow.  Good thinking, Grandma.

All the crying after John left and the excitement of the new toy was just too much.

The final new thing that started this week was my part-time job at the library.  I love, love, love my new job.  I have fond memories of spending hours at the library as a kid.  John actually got his very first library card on his birthday.  Training on the computer system came easy for me and I start my actual position in the youth department on Monday.  So far, this is one of the best jobs I've ever had.

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