Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ice Cream Outings

You can't go to my grandparents' cottage without heading across the lake to the Charcoal Corral.  They have a drive-in, arcade, putt-putt, all kinds of food...and let's not forget ice cream.  I have many fond memories of the Charcoal Corral, both from when I was a kid and from my own kids.  This was the place where John had his first ice cream.

Wasn't he just a cutie?

We didn't get to have Gus' first ice cream there since he was only 3 months old the last time we were there, but we thought Anders was old enough to have a bite or two this summer.  I gave him a whole dish of soft serve knowing he wouldn't come close to finishing it.  I didn't account for the fact that he would cram handfuls of the ice cream in his mouth, giving himself a brain freeze and making his hands so cold they hurt.  This was a failed attempt at ice cream but we still got some cute pictures.

 Cold and uncomfortable.

All better now that the brain freeze is gone and he is free from those ice cream soaked clothes.

The Charcoal Corral also has a Friday fish fry, summer concert series, karaoke and car shows.  We went to the Charcoal Corral almost every night while we were at the cottage.  Good times.


Marcia said...

That photo of John is one of my favorites.

Heather said...

So fun! I can't get over how blonde Anders' hair has gotten. He is looking more and more like John in these recent pictures.

Jenna said...

That second picture of Anders looks very much like Gus to me! I think it's the crying face. :-) All three of your boys are adorable!

Katie Fiene said...

Yes, his hair has gotten much lighter. I thought I might get a dark haired kid, but the blond always comes through.

Thanks, Jenna.