Saturday, August 13, 2011


My mother in law was able to sneak in a visit before we went on vacation.  This was her first time to see the house so we were all very excited.  John likes showing off his new digs.  I'm not sure how much he loves the house, or if it is just that he knows we won't be moving again.  Ever.  I'm still very serious about this.

My in-laws, and the rest of the Fiene family, had just returned from Germany.  Solveig brought us gifts...of course.  We had a wonderful visit and hope to have her stay again soon.  Maybe next time Grandma can bring Grandpa.

I tried to grab a picture of the boys with Solveig.  I'm a glotten for punishment.
 Anders and Grandma seem to feel the same way about this picture.

 This is a pretty accurate picture of all three boys.

I really just need to give up.

 John and Solveig got this hat in Sweden just for Anders.  Too cute.

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