Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A couple weeks ago, we went to the zoo with a few of our friends and their kiddos.  The boys had a great time until nap time came a-calling and then we left the zoo with two screaming boys.  It is so nice to have everyone looking at you as you quickly make your way to the exit with overly tired, screaming kids in a stroller.  I just smile and ask if they can tell it's nap time.

John doesn't really want to be in the stroller anymore.  This works for me since I was going to have to kick the poor kid out come October anyways.

This was our crew.  The adults got so excited to see the other adults that we stay at the same exhibit for WAY longer than the kids liked.

John loves penguins, or "pah-gees" as he used to call them.  It wasn't too hot the day we went so they were actually out playing.

Gus loves a little freedom to run.  But, once you give him freedom, don't expect him to get back into his stroller willingly.

The calm before the storm.

The storm during the storm.  We decided to call it quits right after this.  Both boys can get each other going and their strong wills refuse to be the first to stop.

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