Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Adventures of August

Nothing is safe anymore.  Since Gus started walking at 9 months we've had to make adjustments as to where we place things so he can't reach them.  Phones, wallets, keys, and remotes have been placed farther and farther back on dressers and tables so the little man can't reach them when on his tippy toes.  About a month ago Gus mastered the stairs, so he can now go up and down on his own.  He is feeling so confident in fact, that, instead of going down the stairs backwards, he is walking down forwards.  I can't watch him do this as I get to be a nervous wreck.  To add to his freedom and my prison, Gus can now crawl up on a chair and then onto the table.  I didn't know he could do this until I heard him playing with something I knew I had set far enough back on the kitchen table that he shouldn't have been able to reach it.  I go into the kitchen to discover him sitting in the chair.  He smiled at me, that sneaky, proud smile, and then crawled up on the table to get something else he wasn't supposed to have.  Oh- AND this kid can unlock the dishwasher and open it to get his hands on all sorts of fun toys.

Things like phones and remotes are just baby magnets.  Somehow they always manage to get their hands on them.  And no kid likes these things to be taken away from them.  Hans actually had a great way of dealing with this by taking the remote or phone and saying, "Thank you."  This seemed to work for a while and even became a game as Gus would find something he wasn't supposed to have, hand it over and he himself would then say, "Thank you".  Now it has become another sort of game.  Gus has decided to change the rules and I don't like the way he plays.  He will now seek out a remote or phone, taunt you with it, run away (and those chunky legs can run fast) then when you are getting close enough to grab the item, he will throw it.  Such a punk!

You would think I don't watch my kids.  But, I'm pretty sure they tag team me.  I know there has to be some sort of conversation going on between my two boys.  One does something that demands my attention and, as soon as my back is turned, the other kid runs in the other direction to do something else.  I think they do these things because they enjoy watching their pregnant mom run around all day.  They have a sick sense of humor...they take after their father.

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