Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dirt and Water

Boys think that dirt and water are a good combination.  My boys think they are an excellent combination and will gladly indulge whenever they get the chance.  It was in the upper 90s when we were in Texas so the boys were loving the sprinklers.  They also loved when a couple of holes in the ground filled with water so the could get sufficiently dirty.
It was getting a little crowded with two boys and one sprinkler...

so the boys decided to branch out on their own.

A hole with dirt in it!!

Then they found large amounts of dirt.  It was nice of grandpa to take a break from building the shed so they could have a nice play place.

John got to play in the sprinklers in the front yard.

Gus didn't think it was fair that he couldn't play.

It was very cute when they worked together.

Mud, lots of mud.

This is the life.

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