Thursday, June 24, 2010

TOT Camp

The Sunday we were in Texas we were able to go to the ordination of a dear friend, Tab Ottmers.  I've know Tab and his wife Emily for several years.  It was a wonderful occasion and we were able to see even more of our Texas friends.  My friend Tab is now Pastor Ottmers...a little weird.  I told John to go say 'hi' to Pastor Ottmers and he said, "Where is he?"  When I pointed to Tab, John just looked at me and smiled and said, "No, that's just Tab."

On Monday, John started his TOTS basketball camp.  John was so excited to do the camp and had been talking about it for weeks.  He jumped right into the class and even tried to take over a few times.  His teacher Angie was wonderful and patient.  I had to leave the room a few times so I wouldn't yell at John for not following directions.  He had a great time all week and asked when he would be able to do it again.
John started off distracting his friend Eli.  These two boys spent a lot of time following each other around.

All the kids were standing in a circle, of sorts, with these colored ribbons.  A song told them what to do with their ribbons such as waving them in the air or making circles with them.  At one point the song went through all the colors and when it called your color you were supposed to run into the middle of the circle.  John and his friend, Eli, had the only blue ribbons and they were talking to each other when the color blue was called, so no blue ribbons ever reached the middle of the circle.

So, we are starting John early with coordination activities.  Maybe he will play sports better than his dad.

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