Monday, January 11, 2010

What Seems Simple

Sometimes, what was simple with one is not so simple with two and I don't even want to think about adding another kid in the mix.  What I've found to be the worst is picture taking.  All kids go through phases when they won't sit still or try touch the camera, but you can always get at least one good picture of the family.   I tried to get a good picture of my parents with the boys, and I'm sure glad I had my nice camera that takes quick continuous photos.  We'll have to try again to take a nice photo, but for now here is how the story goes...
John wasn't ready yet.  He had something in his nose he just HAD to get out right then.

Everyone was waiting for John to pick his nose, Gus got a little impatient.
We tried some pictures in a different location.  I had no one picking noses and for the most part they were all looking at me, but Gus has his we keep trying.

Gus is getting ready to stretch...let's see where this goes.
Well, it goes where it always goes.

Aside from the evil eye I'm getting from Gus, this is the best picture.

"No more today Mom.  I'm outta here."

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