Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guess Who

Awhile ago, I asked my mom for drawings of the boys as infants.  She drew a picture of me as a baby years ago and I have it hanging in the boys room.  I had forgotten about the drawings since I know my mom is really busy, but we were completely surprised this year by her amazing work.  These are now all framed and hanging in our living room.  I find myself looking at them all the awe.

Now I want you to tell me who is who....I had some good guesses.  Now I've put the names below.

1.  Katie

2. John

3.  August

4.  Hans

My mom is such a perfectionist that she redid the original drawing.  My dad is holding me...I love this picture.


The Witherspoon Family said...

Wow. I had no idea she was so talented! Those are amazing. And I have no idea who is who, so I'm not even going to guess. You all look too similar!

ABCKegg said...

Those are amazing! I think 3 is Gus, and I think 2 could be John, but I might be wrong. Wow. So beautiful.

The Simpsons said...

I agree....those are amazing. What an awesome keepsake. I also have no idea who is who. :)