Friday, January 15, 2010

6 Preuses Come to Visit

I had originally titled this post "The Preuses Come to Visit" and then realized this wasn't a good idea.  You see, there are lots and lots of Preuses and I didn't want to give anyone the indication that there was some sort of family reunion at our house where only certain Preuses were invited.  So, last week, Mark, Becky and their four children, Hannah, Paul, John and Anastasia came for a visit on their way home after a 2 week vacation.  We saw Mark and Becky on the way to Jake and Ashley's wedding this summer, but Becky hadn't had those twin babies yet, so it was a good chance to see everyone.  They stayed a couple of days and all the kids had a great time.
This is Anastasia and John.  Too cute!

Sweet Hannah.  She is pretty shy, but this makes it look as if she was posing.
She loves the fairy wings.  And, yes, we have fairy wings.  John found them up at church and ran around for a whole day saying he was Clink...the boy fairy.

This is Paul.  Paul and John are a lot a like.  They are very cute together.
Doesn't that just look like trouble?

Hugs, so cute.

We had a wonderful time, Mark and Becky.  Hope you can come back again.

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