Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hans and I have been in a constant battle over when the best time is to open presents.  He comes from a Christmas Eve family and I come from a Christmas Day family.  After 4 years you would have thought this discussion would be over, but it isn't.  For now, we rotate years and this year was a Christmas Day opening year.  Maybe someday one of us will give in...but I don't think so.

This was after the Christmas Eve service, so I had two tired boys.

We let John open one present on Christmas Eve...his Great Grandma Jamas.  He just loves these pajamas.

This year John got into the Santa thing.  He was excited to put out milk and cookies.  He actually remembered the next morning to look and see if Santa ate them.

Our stockings...can you guess which two people just happen to have the biggest ones?  Grandma says they are made from the same pattern...

This thing right here is like a little PDA, so your kid can learn how to text.  John doesn't know that feature yet, but he loves hearing the sounds of all the letters and playing the games with Scout the Dog.  Thanks, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Greg, Harrison and Allie.

What a mess.  At this point we have already taken out a couple bags of trash and we still have presents to open.

Whew!  That was a lot of presents.  Time for a nap!

My parents came the day after Christmas.  They were supposed to get here in the afternoon, but ran into some bad weather in Texas so they didn't arrive until around 8:30 in the evening.  This didn't deter Hans from wanting to having our Christmas with them right then.

Grandpa and Gus

Everything goes in Gus' mouth.

Pausing for a moment to play with wrapping supplies and read a book.

Another Thomas toy.  We have a huge track set up in our family room now. Poor John has to try to play with everything as quickly as he can before August takes it apart.

Hans got lots of things but the best way to his heart is through gadgets that cook neat food.  This is an ebelskiver and Hans made these great creations for the next 3 or 4 days.

As long as this post is, I still have more...but that is for another post.


The Witherspoon Family said...

Why don't you guys open some presents from family on Christmas Eve and then open presents from Santa on Christmas morning? We always open things on Christmas morning. Bo tried that "one present on Christmas Eve night" bit when we were first married, but it didn't fly with me. ;)

Katie Fiene said...

We have thought about that, but Santa just leaves little things...stocking stuff. I'm just not ready to give up my Christmas morning thing yet.