Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Trip to the Children's Museum

One day, while my parents were here, we decided to go to the Children's Museum.  This is always a guarantee of a good time.  There is something for kids of all ages and both boys and both grandparents had lots of fun.  I love watching John interact with other kids.  Despite how rough and tough he seems at home, he is very kind and considerate with kids he doesn't know.  He never pushes, cuts in line or speaks harshly to kids in new situations.
Kids at Work

Gus found a PVC pipe and was pretty content.

Gus even decided to stand on his own for a long time.
He watched other kids running by.
He even took his first steps!!

While August was trying to walk, John was crawling through windows.

Concentrating hard.

My dancing boy.

This was actually the best of the series of the pictures of us.  Someday I'll get a photo with all of us looking the same direction and about 25 years.

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