Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Travel Days

As I wrote in an earlier post, we left on June 17th and tomorrow (July 8th) we will arrive home...finally. Hans and I calculated that we will have traveled over 4300 miles in three weeks. Needless to say I won't be going anywhere for a long while.

Many of you have asked where we have gone, so here goes... We went right from Denver to Indy, stopping for a short visit (couple of hours) with Mark and Becky and their kids Hannah and Paul and staying just outside of Concordia, MO for the night. The next day we woke up early and drove to Indianapolis. We stayed there for about 3 1/2 days and then left to Fredonia, NY to visit my Aunt Diane, Uncle Tim, Jimmy and Ericka. The next day we woke up and drove about two hours to my grandparents cottage where we stayed for 5 days. After our relaxing stay at the cottage we drove to Hatteras, NC to meet Hans' parents and sister with her two kids, stopping for the night in DC. We arrived in Hatteras early Monday afternoon (6/29) and stayed until Friday morning. At that time, I drove Hans to the Norfolk airport so he could preach on Sunday and I continued on to meet my parents and drive to St. Louis. Hans flew in to St. Louis on Monday morning (7/5) and we will leave here tomorrow and drive all the way back to Denver...yes 12-13 hours in one day. WHEWWW that was a mouthfull and I'm sure it sounds hectic, but we've had lots of fun.

Here are some pictures from our days of travel.

This is Hannah, Hans' first cousin once removed. She is a few months older than John and so cute. We were with Mark and Becky and Hannah and Paul last year at the seminary and since our visit with them Becky gave birth to twins!

Hannah was practicing so she can help her mom hold her new brother and sister.

John and Paul are such boys. Paul is a little less than a year younger than John and they are so much a like.

On our drive from Indy to NY we stopping in at Men's Wearhouse in Fort Wayne to see some of my old co-workers. Christopher and Maggie just love John and were anxious to meet Gus. Going back made me miss working, just a little bit.

This is Gus' hammock. He LOVES it and because he sleeps so well, it was worth every penny.

John and Gus have done very well on this trip. We still have a long day tomorrow, but I'm sure we will be fine.

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