Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lollipops, Putt-Putt and Ice cream

One morning we had breakfast at an Amish restaurant and bulk food store. We go there every year and I always stock up on things I'll need for baking throughout the year such as nutmeg, in whole nut form, almond paste and sprinkles, for all of the fun deserts we make. It didn't take John long to find the lollipops and begin the continuous question, "Can I have one?".

It took him so long to finish that he almost fell asleep.

Across the lake from my grandparents there is a place called the Charcoal Corral and it has a putt-putt course, drive-in theater, pizza place, burger joint and ice cream parlor all in one setting. John's been very into golf so we thought we would take him.

"Where did my ball go?"

"Oh, here it is."

Grandpa and Gus just watched and tried to stay cool.

After golf we got ice cream. John picked a different flavor every time we went. I think he likes this one.

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