Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boat Rides

We stayed at my grandparents cottage for a few days and had a wonderful time.

This is the view from their front porch. If it weren't for all those darn geese we could take the fence down, but it also helps keep John on land.

As soon as we got to the lake John jumped out of the car and started running towards the water. He was yelling the whole way "Let's jump in the river!!" We told him he needed a life jacket so he bugged and bugged until my grandpa found one for him.

He was so excited to take out the paddle boat.

I'm not sure how he felt about the ride...

As soon as he had his paddle boat ride he focused all of his energy getting on the party boat. My grandpa just sat out there, with him, for the longest time.

The next night we took a ride around the lake. John got to drive, but he was more interested in honking the horn...go figure.

Gus thinks this is a form of torture.

When you see John you'll have to ask him if he broke the boat. We still aren't sure if he was asleep and his hand slipped, or if he was just laying his head down and couldn't resist, but somehow he turned the key and the motor stopped. The funny thing was that no one could get it started again. So, my dad, Hans and my grandpa all grabbed ores and started rowing us in. It was a LONG way back to our place and just when we were feeling hopeless, some guys came over and towed us in. After we found out the boat wasn't really broken, just a disconnection in the starter, Hans and I were able to joke with John about breaking a boat.


The Witherspoon Family said...

That picture of Gus in his life jacket literally made me "lol"! He's so cute! Poor little guy...

ABCKegg said...

It's so beautiful there! The boys will have so many awesome memories!