Friday, July 24, 2009


My niece, Eva, and John are about 5 months apart and my other niece, Machara, and August are 4 days apart. Needless to say, John and Eva had a blast together, and even Gus and Machara shared some touching moments.

This is my favorite picture. Don't they look so happy?

One of them was always touching the other.

I find this picture funny because Gus laid there for about 15 minutes with his hand straight up in the air. (note that Machara has her hand on his shoulder)

Holding hands...I think they were consoling each other since both of them were fussing by this point and wanted to be held.

John is showing Grandpa his toy that Grandma bought for him on Ocracoke Island.

Eva wearing Grandpa's hat.

John was telling Eva all about the trains, or choo choos as Eva calls them.

Lending a helping hand.

After playing on the beach all day bathtime was necessary.

The girls got to go out for drinks while Hans made a fantastic dinner and Hans and John watched the kids.

showing off all of his pirate gear that Grandma got for him

notice the dagger in his diaper

Eva decided to crawl into the suitcase

Andrina and Hans

Hans, John and Solveig

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ABCKegg said...

The pictures of Gus and Machara might be the cutest things I've ever seen!