Wednesday, October 15, 2014

While I Was at Munzenberg Castle

While I was exploring castle ruins the boys were packing their day full of exciting adventures.

They loved experimenting with Marble Works.  They were convinced that the louder they screamed as the marbles went through the course the faster their marbles went.  These three are very competitive with each other.

After a morning of marbles the boys took a trip to the Fort Worth Fire Department to take a tour and learn about the trucks.  They were fascinated with the water shooting out of this truck.

Trouble with a capital T.

Meet Firefighter Jerry.  Jerry is a member of my dad's congregation.  He set this all up so the boys could visit the fire station.

After the fire station the boys wanted to cool off so my parents took them to a cool splash pad.

Gus is good with sprinklers coming out of the ground.  He knows that he can walk through without being sprayed in the face.

I was very surprised when I saw this picture.  I'm not sure Gus has ever intentionally stood under one of those dumping buckets.

John will wait under one of these buckets the whole time it is filling so he can be under it when it dumps.
It would appear Gus is getting more and braver every day.
Well, that is more like the Gus I know.  It's good to know some things never change.

I'm sure the boys slept well this night.

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