Monday, October 20, 2014

My Travels Abroad: Aachen

Great Emperors of Europe were crowned and laid to rest in Aachen.  Most notably it is the place where Charlemagne is buried.

Everywhere we walked we found wonderful little places to eat.  Sitting outside in the sun with these sights...who wouldn't want to eat?  All. The. Time. 

The churches were beautiful and right in the center of town.

We had a ton of fun just walking around these beautiful, narrow, brick streets.

Hans with Hanswurst.
We didn't eat here, but we really should have.
Ha!  Hans is the Wurst.

We happened to be in Aachen on the day the church brought out the 7 relics.  I'm not how often these relics are displayed, but judging by the amount of people standing in line and attending the service, not very often.  As our tour guide was taking us around Aachen we actually ran right into the processional of the relics.

This is supposedly Mary's birth dress.  I have much to say about this, but that would take all day.  There were people pushing and shoving to be near this and the other relics.

There were a ton of people around Aachen this day.  I'm assuming the streets aren't normally this busy.  The relics seemed to draw a big crowd.

We stopped for lunch at a quaint Italian restaurant with my in-laws.  Aren't they a handsome couple?

A handsome couple that produced a handsome son.

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