Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Travels Abroad: Munzenberg Castle

On our way to Cologne we stopped to visit Munzenberg Castle.  The castle was built around 1160.  The counts of Munzenberg were politically powerful and sought to demonstrate their status with strong and sophisticated architecture.  Many counts and various families entered its doors.  In the 16th century the castle began to fall into disrepair.  After its capture during the Thirty Years War it became derelict.  In 1846 the first building measures were performed to preserve its historic substance.  Restoration and repairs still continue today.

Look at how thick those walls were.

King of the castle.

This place was just beautiful. 

The view from the side wall.

I loved the church steeple.

Visiting castle ruins was a lot of fun.  I loved trying to imagine what each room looked like.

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