Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Travels Abroad: Paris-Day One

We made it to Paris around 6 p.m.  On our way to find food we passed by the Arc de Triomphe.

These two.  What a good lookin' couple.

In Paris with my honey.

We didn't have a lot of time out on the town our first night there.  We had to get back to our hotel and relax to prepare ourselves for all the sites we were going to cram in the next day.  This led us to walk quickly through the streets of Paris to find a place to eat.  Usually I'm good with quick. But on this day, it was a little rainy.  This left the stone streets a little slick.  I was wearing my old, comfortable flip-flops.  The ones that have ZERO traction.  I nearly wiped out with every step.  Hans, such the gentleman, decided to hold my hand the whole way.  This meant I nearly wiped both of us out with every step.  We were both laughing so hard by the time we made it to the restaurant. 

These two are loving Paris so far.  Or, they've consumed a large amount of wine.  Maybe it was a little of both.
OR, maybe it was just the good lookin' girls sitting on the opposite side of the table.

After dinner we walked back to meet our bus.  I ended up just giving up and taking my shoes off.  Yes. I know. Eww. Gross!  But it was either that or fall on my butt in front of a ton of Parisians.
When we got to our room this was the view that greeted us.  Beautifully quiet.

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