Monday, February 10, 2014


It was so cold when my parents were here, but we did find a little time to do some sledding.  My children are big wimps when it comes to the cold.  As much as they like playing in the snow, they hate getting dressed for the weather.

We really have the best yard for sledding.  When we moved into our house the neighbor kids came over and asked if we were going to build a fence.  They were pretty excited to find out we were not going to.

This looks like fun.  I'm actually surprised Gus went for this.

 I didn't think things through and let Fritz out while the boys were sledding.

 Fritz got a little too excited.  We learned pretty quickly that Fritz can't play outside while the boys are sledding.

 It was only 19 or 20 degrees outside this day, so the boys just went down one more time.

It looked like so much fun that my dad decided to give it a try.

I'm not sure that Anders ever went down.  He was way too cold to find any of this any fun.  Can't say I blame him.

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