Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Trip to the Zoo

My parents came to visit a few days after Christmas and the boys had big plans.  Unfortunately most of the plans included being outdoors and the weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate.  There was exactly one day that the temperature got above 20 degrees.  The boys had to take their planned outdoor activities and pick one.  The zoo won hands down.

  I wasn't surprised the zoo won since John and Gus had yet to see the baby gorilla and baby snow leopard.

The gorilla habitat.  It looks very pretty and smells pretty awful.

The baby gorilla is still pretty little and relatively cute.  The baby snow leopard no longer looks like a baby.  He is about the size of Fritz.

This is a crazy bunch!

 After the gorillas we had to stop for some hot chocolate.

 The kids always enjoy painting their faces.

 John was a lion.

 Gus was Spider-Man.  Like he would be anything else.

 Anders needed a hand and Gus was willing to help.  This kind of stuff makes my heart melt.

 Then we almost has a complete and utter melt down because we did not have enough maps for everyone.  But I have to give these two credit for figuring out a way to share.

 They walked hand and hand for quite a while.

 We had a fun day and the boys were worn out.  I'm not sure if John is actually reading or sleeping.

 I don't think I even pulled out of the lot before this one fell fast asleep.

This one?  He is a ham and had Grandma sitting next to him.  That kid was going to soak up every bit of attention he could get.

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