Monday, February 3, 2014

Children's Museum

Since it was so cold here, we decided to go the Children's Museum to get out of the house.  Everyone else had the exact same idea.

 The bubbles are always a big hit.  Usually we have the whole place to ourselves.  I have to admit it isn't as much fun when it is so crowded.

 Gus wanted to get in the big bubble.  I guess it was bad enough that he went onto the platform with kids he did not know.  This is pretty big for him.  He wasn't too sure about it once he was there, but I'm happy he made the effort.

 Anders didn't feel like waiting his turn for anything.  Instead of throwing a fit (thankfully) he just went to other parts of the museum.  Now, if I can just get this kid to tell me before he moves on, we will be golden.

 Gus really wanted to build a car.  He was very specific about this.

 They had a lot of fun and did very well with the tools.

Maybe I can get my little builders a tool set next year and put them to work!

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