Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A New Year's Eve Party

On New Year's Eve we had a house full.  My parents were here.  Debbie and Pam came back from Florida so they were here with Sophie.  And then a neighbor called at the last second asking us to watch their son since the sitter had come down with the flu.  It was a loud, crazy night.  Since Debbie and Pam weren't here for Christmas, the boys had not gotten their presents from them yet.  So, before our extra guest came over, Sophie and the boys sat in the living room and opened present after present.

Sophie decided to wrap one of Hans' presents.  He wanted it to be the worst wrapped present there ever was, and Sophie was up to the challenge.  She even purposely spelled things wrong.  You know it is bad when I notice right away something isn't spelled right.

 After presents and lots of food and lots of boys running around Sophie decided to beat Hans on the Wii.  Hans sure talked a good game, but Sophie had the skills.

 Since we had such a fun night on the 31st we decided to make the 1st another fun night.

 The party animals.

 These horns that Grandma always insists on buying them somehow got lost the next day.

Fritz even decided to live it up.

So even though it is February...Happy New Year!

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