Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Make a Messterpiece

I've blogged about this place before.  This time I actually got to go to Make-A-Messterpiece.  It really is a lot of fun and I see why the kids like it so much.  The boys were very excited to bring Grandma to the fun art place.  I'm sure they were excited to bring Grandpa too.
 Right after hitting the colored bubbles the boys geared up to make a colorful splash in the music room.  I'm pretty sure they spent more time getting all the gear on than they did in the room.

 Ready to make a little noise and a whole lot of mess.

 There are two rooms with a wall of windows so you can watch your kids.  I wasn't adventurous enough to join in on the fun this time.  I like how I say "this time" like I'm going to be adventurous next time.  I think I'll leave the mess making to my children.  They are experts on the matter.

 Then the boys chose the Experimentation Station.  On the docket...fizzballs.

 If you haven't already noticed, Gus loves the shower cap that he gets to wear in the music room. 

Seems like we always go back to the basics.  Nothing beats some homemade play-doh with lots of glitter mixed in.  And Gus is still sporting his very cool hat.  This thing stuck around for a few days.  Feel free to send him an envelope full of shower caps for his birthday.

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